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Dadun Cultural Center
Photo of Dadun Cultural Center
 The spacious entrance to this majestic five-story building serves as an ideal location for performances and the opening of festivities. The tall roof of the hallway brings in an abundance of natural light. Towards the front end of the building are offices, the editor’s office, an open stack library, and the Taichung City Family Education Center. Reading rooms are placed towards the back of the building. On the left front side are exhibition rooms with six interconnected display rooms at the back. Additional exhibition rooms, the Briefing Room, Auditorium, Conference Room, VIP Room, Document Room, Dance Studio, Audiovisual Room, Music Classroom, and Training Room are located in the basement.

(Google Dadun Cultural Center 360° indoor panoramic website)


*Address:  No. 600, Yingcai Rd., West District, Taichung City 403524

*Tel:  04-2372-7311

*Fax:  04-2371-1469

*Da Dun Gallery

 The three interconnected exhibition halls at the Da Dun Gallery offer a variety of spaces for displays of different scales, from as little as 30 pieces of works up to large exhibits featuring 300 exhibits or more. Gallery Ⅳ in the basement also serves as an ideal location for hosting large exhibitions.

Exhibition Rooms
*Exhibition Rooms
 Exhibition rooms I to IV feature folk and cultural artifacts and crafts including porcelains, pottery, jade, precious stones, and metalwork. Rooms Ⅴ and Ⅵ are‘feature exhibition halls’dedicated to the display of special exhibitions and display of works from workshops and training classes.
 Also situated here is the Wen Huei Lounge. The Lounge is a meeting place for artists and also serves as a place for holding press conferences.
*Document Room
 The Document Room houses local Taichung documents, genealogical records, and periodicals. It is responsible for the collection and publication of old photographs of the city, written works of local writers, and other literary and historical publications. It is also in charge of digitizing local documents, old photos, and written works as part of its preservation work.
*Periodicals Room
 Open to visitors aged 12 and above, the Periodicals Room offers magazines, journals, newspapers, government publications as well as a digitized newspaper archive for public reference.
 The Auditorium has a stepped auditorium with a total of 395 seats and 5 barrier-free seats for wheelchairs. Special lectures on art and literature are held from time to time, and experts and scholars are invited to share their experiences on life aesthetics with the public.
*Briefing Room,Conference Room
 The briefing room can accommodate 46 seats and the conference room can accommodate 80 seats, suitable for holding various small and medium-sized meetings and group discussions. It can also be used as a rest studio and preparation room for the organizer in conjunction with large-scale performance events.
*Training Classroom, Dance Studio, Music Classroom and audiovisual room
 The Dadun Cultural Center space has 8 study classrooms and 1 audiovisual room(74 seats and 2 barrier-free seats), which is suitable for holding art learning, teaching, workshops, seminars, and film appreciation.