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The DA DUN Cultural Center’s Children’s Library and Children’s Gallery provide many activities for children:

  1. Storytelling in English, 10:00-10:50, Saturday: Happy & Fun Stories. (Location: Children’s Library)
  2. Storytelling in Chinese, 10:00-10:50, Sunday: Volunteers Tell Stories to Children. (Location: Children’s Library)
  3. English Team Volunteer Storytelling, 10:30-11:00, Friday & 15:00-15:30, Saturday: English Corner Time. (Location: Children Library)
  4. Parents and Children Story Listening (in both Chinese and English), 10:30-11:30, Saturday & Sunday. (Location: Children’s Gallery)

  For story names, please refer to Culture Report issued by Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government, or check the Art Activities Schedule at the Center’s website.